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I do research in VR, audio-visual signal processing, data visualization, and computational linguistics at UIUC.

My 1989 B.Math. at the University of Waterloo led to two years at Microsoft as one of the developers of Word for DOS and Word for Windows. After that industry stint I returned to academia. While completing a master’s in piano (1993), I was the sysadmin at UIUC’s Computer Music Project. During my doctorate in composition under Erik Lund (2001), I produced and wrote the software for the Ring Disc, a by now legendary opera CD-ROM (a modern review is in the start of this article), and I wrote real-time audio software for NCSA. That assistantship grew into my current position at the Beckman Institute, where among other things I’ve reviewed papers for ACM TOCS, APSIPA, CMJ, IEEE VR, IEEE Vis, and JASA. My Erdös number is 3, and my Erdös-Bacon number is 7.

Selected publications (more...)


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